Shoes of Prey

Hey Loviessss!

 Okay, I know …….. its been a while. I’m so sorry for the delay. To make a long story short, I have been dealing with chronic foot pain for years and it has been at its absolute worst. In order to deal with the pain I was popping Advil very often….. too often. While I was dealing with my foot pain I started to get really bad stomach pains. Come to find out my stomach intestines were swollen and I was told I may have Chron’s disease. I ended up getting surgery in both of my feet and within the same week, I did testings for my stomach. Thank God, I don’t have Chron’s disease but the advil and pain medication was what caused the swelling.


Basically this was a huge health scare and I just needed to focus on my healing. But I am back, better than ever- well somewhat better. I’m getting there.


Now that you know about my chronic foot pain, I feel like it’s perfect to tell you about a brand that I recently collaborated with, Shoes of Prey. After having surgery, that honestly didn’t relieve any pain, the shoes I wear need to be super comfortable and able to fit my wide foot plus my insoles that I NEED to wear with every shoe I own.


Lately that has been the struggle, finding wide enough cute shoes to fit both my feet and my insoles. When Shoes of Prey contacted me I wanted to make sure that- one, the brand aligns with my audience and most importantly, is something I will actually wear, love and won’t be uncomfortable in. Before any collaboration I did my research and come to find out Shoes of Prey offers sizes 2-15 in narrow, wide and extra wide, which is great for my plus size divas. Plus, you customize your entire shoes. From the color, texture, zippers, heel, sole, laces….YOU CHOOSE! I went with a "Halsey" bootie with a thick heel. I really had an amazing and fun experience customizing my shoes, I even had my boyfriend join the fun.


When I received my shoes in the mail, I was floored when I opened my package. The shoebox itself that it came in felt very luxurious. When I open the shoebox, everything was packaged beautifully and then there was the shoes!! They looked exactly how I wanted it to be. My shoes were a size 9 wide and when I tried them on with socks and my insole it was the perfect fit. My pinky toe didn’t feel smushed which is a big deal for me and my wide feet. Walking around in my new shoes felt great. I love my new babies. Thank you Shoes of Prey for this collaboration. I really recommend you customizing your pair. It’s truly a great experience. Use code “ILLY” for a free customize inscription! Click Here to start customizing your shoes. Cant wait to show more of the things I love.


Love & Light,