As a woman, what’s important to you when it comes to lingerie?


Hey Beauties!

Welcome back! This post is in collaboration with Parfait Lingerie in celebration of their #PerfectFigure campaign. If you haven’t noticed I have fallen in love with lingerie. When I first started shopping for lingerie years ago I actually hated it. It was a “He’s lucky I love him” feeling rather then actually feeling sexy. Why? Because my butt was trying to fit into the largest size in Victoria Secret. I may have looked nice, but boy was I uncomfortable. Things were riding up in places they shouldn’t be. So for a while I stayed away from purchasing lingerie.


It wasn’t until I started working in the industry (2 years ago) that I discovered brands like Parfait Lingerie that offers my size. Not only do they have my size but their pieces are sooo sexy. I mean, you see the photos! Lingerie should make you feel sexy. If you put on a piece and you are trying to make it work, its not for you. You shouldn’t have to make lingerie work for you, instead you should be able to put it on and just WERKKK !!


Thank you Parfait Lingerie for making me FEEL and LOOK sexy with my #PerfectFigure. Remember ladies, you are beautiful as you are. Until next time!

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Love and Light,