Were you ever too shy about posting certain pictures of yourself?

Were you ever too shy about posting certain pictures of yourself?  


I partnered with Parfait Lingerie for this blog post. 

Hey Beauties! Welcome back and for those that are new, heyyyyyy! 


So almost every single day I get at least a minimum of 3 DMs or comments on Instagram in regards to how do I get my self confidence. Let’s just say, it was and still is a journey. I really have to make that clear, IT IS STILL A JOURNEY. I am only human, so I do have my days were I am not feeling it, and sometimes I fall into the social media dark hole and start comparing myself to others. It happens but I try not to dwell in that moment. If you check out my previous blog post, I tell you the many ways that help me gain confidence. 


From the photos you see here and on my Instagram, you see confidence. But would you believe me if I was to tell you that it wasn’t until 2 years that I started taking full body pictures. Before I became a plus size fashion influencer and model, I was only a natural hair influencer. All I would take is selfies and photos chest up- and even that was rare. NOW, well I obviously feel super comfortable taking full body pictures. I mean do you see the pictures in this blog..haha! 

Honestly, my comfortability in front of the camera grew as I started loving myself. I started taking full body pictures in 2016 because I finally found clothes that I feel comfortable in. Remember in 2016 there was not as many plus size brands as there is now. I was finally finding clothes that fit right and the job as an influencer required more. Taking just selfies was not going to cut it. So I did my first shoot with @mountainbikekeith and boy was I stiff in front of the camera! My stiffness in front of the camera represented where I was at in my self love journey- in the very early stages!  


When I posted my photos onto Instagram and shared that this was the first time I shot a full body picture. The love and support I received from my followers kept me going. So many of you beauties felt the same way and struggled with taking full body pictures. I figured I should share my journey and as  uncomfortable I was posting these pictures or standing in front of the camera, it weirdly enough boost my confidence. If you’re not slightly uncomfortable in anything that you do, you’re probably not gaining anything. Every stage in life is going to be new and it will slightly make you feel uncomfortable but that’s because you don’t know any better. It’s normal.  


Now in 2018, there is no hesitations. I move freely in front of the camera and I love my #PERFECTFIRGURE. Click here for the lingerie set as seen in the photos.


Love and Light,