Hey 2019!


This post is in collaboration with Parfait Lingerie.

Hey Beauties! 


Welcome back, and for those that are new heyyyy!  


Can you believe 2019 is right around the corner?! Where did the time go? Well I don’t know about you, but I can definitely say 2018 has been nothing short of amazing. I’ve accomplished about  75%  of my vision board and grew so much as a entrepreneur. I was given opportunities that I never imagined that could happen to me. Now don’t get me wrong there was a lot of bumps in the road and growing pains. I had foot surgery on both feet, I left my job of 6 years to focus on my health, and my new career as a model, and I am still trying to catch the flow of my new life and control my new level of anxiety. Nevertheless, I am so thankful for everything that has happened, even the sucky times.  


With Thanksgiving a couple of days away and New Years right around the corner. I kind of want to be corny and tell you beauties some things I am thankful for and what I am wishful for the upcoming year. First, THANK YOU! Yes, I mean you. I seriously have the best support system a girl can ask for. From my parents, to my boyfriend, to my best friends and to my followers,  you have been holding me down. Your kind words, love and support keeps me going. I am also thankful for brands, like Parfait Lingerie and my agency for believing in me and supporting me. There so much hate towards the plus size community, but you guys help create a path for a better future. We’d have a very long way to go but we have come so far. 



2019, you are going to be the year of fulfillment. I’m satisfied with 2018 but I want to be fulfilled. My personal goal is to become more physically active, organized, and mentally healthy all while growing my brand. I’m hoping that more brands, especially beauty brands, give more opportunities to plus size models and influencers. I just want everyone to win. I hate saying “New year, new me” because I’m always going to be me. But I plan on gaining more knowledge and see things in a different perspectives. 2019, I am going to reach my level of perfection, which is to be be perfectly unperfect. I will still make mistakes, but instead of me dwelling on the mistake, I’m going to find ways to fix it and learn from it.  



IM READY 2019!