2019 New Year's Resolution


Hey Beauties!!

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I know I mentioned this in the last blog post. But 2019 is right around corner. Like for real REAL!


I am actually very excited for 2019 because 2018 was amazing. I planted a lot of seeds but 2019 is where everything will grow and flourish, just watch!



Lets talk about New Years resolutions. I have a few, for example-staying for organized. My career as a model, picked up so fast in the last few months and maintaining a job, going to castings, doing influencer work and attending events, time management is much needed and being organized will definitely help. However, my most important New Year’s Resolution is to be healthier.



Okay, so I know what you are thinking, I am being super cliché and probably think I am going to get that gym membership that will only be used in January and then collecting dust for the rest of the year. HAHA-No! When I say that I want to be healthier, I do mean physically but most importantly mentally healthy. 2018 was the year that I experienced the most anxiety attacks. 2019 I want to really focus on ways to ease my anxiety. One way I know will ease my anxiety will be going back to dancing. You will always find me in a dance class before you will find me in the gym. I bet you didn’t know that I have a Bachelor’s in Dance. Yup, your girl is a full-blown dancer. Unfortunately 2018, I couldn’t go back to dancing the way I want to. I had surgery on my feet earlier this year and I had to listen to my body and properly heal. I was kind of bummed out, that I couldn’t cross this out of my 2018 Resolution list. But it’s okay that’s what 2019 is for.



I find that when I was more active by dancing, I didn’t have anxiety attacks as often. Yes, the goal is to be more active but the goal is not to lose weight. If I happen to lose weight, that’s great but I just want to feel good. If that means, changing some eating habits and being more active then that’s what I will do. After being sick, having anxiety attacks and getting surgery, my physical and mental health are and will be a priority going forward. Please don’t fall into the stereotype that people are plus size cannot be healthy, because we can and we can also kick butt. LMFAO! Seriously, just listen to your body and make the adjustments that YOU need and not what you think society thinks you need.

Alright 2019! I am so ready!