Wrap Dresses for the Win

This post is in collaboration with Macy’s.  

Hey Beauties!

Summer is here! Now normally people are super excited for the Summer, unless you are a plus size women. I'm not saying that all plus size women hate the summer, but I do know many who hate the summer because of the heat and the SWEAT. I feel you, I am in the same boat. I get hot super fast and sweat even faster. I don't know how it's possible but it's true. 
As plus size fashion flourished, I found ways to dress comfortable and cute for the summer. I am not saying that what you wear is going to change your body temperature. However, I find that when you are comfortable in what you wearing the easier it is to maneuver and not stress about about if anything is slipping out or not fitting right. By the way, stress sweat is way worst than regular sweat, yuck! 

I find that wrap dresses are a huge summer staple in my closet. Wrap dresses are super easy to put on and very flattering to the body. I like to tie it extra tight to accentuate my hips. In essence to wrap dresses being easy and flattering, but every now and then you will feel a little breeze through the slit, and in the summer, I appreciate any breeze blown my way. I received this cute wrap dress from Tommy Hilfiger sold at Macy's. I fell in love with the white trim all through out the dress and the contrast between the white trim and blue. I know for sure I will be outfit repeating with this one, it's just so comfortable and cute! Ladies, I got you.  
Click Here for my dress! 

Love & Light,