Comfort first. How Does being comfortable boost your confidence? 




Hey Beautiesss! 


Welcome Back! And for those that are just following me-WHAT'S UP?! So today we are going to talk about something that I live by, COMFORT FIRST! If you been reading my blogs or following me on Instagram, you should know that I believe the only way you can truly exude confidence is by being comfortable. Now, when I mean comfortable I mean it in all aspects. Comfortable in your skin, in your clothes, in your bra and panty, and even your shoes. For example (since this happened to me the other day), imagine wearing this cute outfit with some cute shoes, but the shoes are giving you blisters. Your whole mood it thrown off. You no longer feel good, and you have to worry about not having your skin fall off your foot. ANNOYING! 


I honestly feel this is the reason why a few years ago plus size women were not exuding the confidence that we should. One, we rarely had options but most importantly we tried fitting ourselves in anything that can possible fit. I remember shopping at H&M squeezing myself in the biggest size they had, which never fit properly, and because of that, I will get a huge oversized cardigan and hide my discomfort. Seriously beauties, comfort is supper important and if that means going up a size so be it! 


The last and most important thing I will say should be a number one priority when it comes to comfort is making sure your bra and panties fit right! I am 25 years old and I just learned from a professional bra fitter how to properly wear a bra. All these years and I have been doing it wrong. I strongly suggest reading up or even seeing a professional bra fitter that specializes in plus women. Reason being, well, we are bustier which can lead to spillage if not fitted correctly. Just knowing where the underwire of a bra should lay is super important, if not, you’re going to have the underwire press into breast tissue-ouch! For example my Parfait Bra in “Charlotte”. Its super sexy, but fits super comfortable. I am not spilling out of anywhere, underwire isn't poking me in the wrong places, I am comfortable. And because I am comfortable I feel sexy. See how it goes hand and hand. 

You beauties always ask me what helps me boost my confidence and there you have it, COMFORT! Let me know what steps you take that help you boost your confidence.

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Love and Light,